Colonic Hydrotherapy......a perfect detox....theraputic colon cleanse in the heart of Malta

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Health and safety is our priority. The latest technology provides you with a safe experience. Disposible equipment is mandatory for your protection.

Our Hydrotherapists are fully trained and accedited by the Colonic Association of UK and will have your comfort and safety in mind at all times.

From Homeopath to Hydrotherapist

Like Homeopathy, colonic hydrotherapy has been on my mind for years and it is these past few years that it has become important enough for me to actually do something about getting myself qualified. The birth of Tigne Holistic Centre provided the catalyst for this becoming a reality and we are now looking at the opening of our hydrotherapy suite within the next couple of weeks.

My Homeopathy clients are the ones that have unwittingly actually encouraged me to proceed with this venture. I have seen during many case taking experience, instances where my clients would benefit enormously from having Colonic Hydrotherapy. We store so much in our colons emotionally speaking and you would be amazed as to how all this effects release during a hydrotherapy session. This aspect of colonics is rarely acknowledged, we are all aware of the detoxifying and hydrating aspects and these are, of course, very important but from my perspective the more I can help clients with emotionally letting go of things that have been inside for years and years the better. Mind symptoms in Homeopathy are very important, these represent symptoms of depression, anxiety, addictions, abuse, ME and a myriad of other presenting complaints which can result in bouts of IBS and digestive disturbances which are often not associated with an underlying emotional condition.

Now I feel, with the addition of the hydrotherapy suite we can offer clients who come into THC a full compliment of therapies which encompass a holistic lifestyle and a natural approach to well being.

Contact us now to see if Colonic Hydrotherapy/Irrigation is for you.

Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy:-

- Hydration of the colon

- Removal of wastes from the colon

- Stress relief by encouraging relaxation of both

mind and bowel

- Relief from diarrhoea, spastic colon, headaches

and depression

- Improving peristaltic action within the bowel

- Increased nutrient absorption

- Helping liver, blood and kidney cleansing

- Support with IBS, bloating, constipation/diarrhoea,

flatulence and haemorroids

- Skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and


- Increasing energy levels, stamina and reducing

the need for more sleep

- Encouraging weight loss and long-term weight


- Helpng with the release of emotional wastes within

the colon

                                                                                 - As a kick-start for healthy living

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